Over the past 20 years, Jang Na Ra has always been mentioned for this one detail

Jang Nara is known for her timeless beauty as it looks like she hasn’t aged one bit since her debut days.

Jang Nara is given the nicknames by netizens as “the goddess of youth” or “ageless beauty”. Even though she has reached her 40s, the beauty of the actress is still the same as in her twenties. 

Debuting as an actress for the first time with a role in the sitcom New Nonstop 2 (2001), Jang Nara has initially made an impression on the audience. In 2002, she had the opportunity to take on the first leading role in the movie Successful Story of A Bright Girl, which helped the actress create a big buzz, becoming one of the most sought-after faces at the time. 

In addition to her quality acting, Jang Nara also captured the hearts of many with her “standard” beauty at that time. The actress’s pure beauty, small figure and big round eyes are the highlights that help Na Ra become the ideal model for many viewers.

Taking advantage of her image, also in 2002, Jang Nara released the song Sweet Dream. Jang Nara’s clear, sweet voice and pure visuals continued to stir up the Korean music industry.

After achieving success in Korea, Jang Nara entered the Chinese market and quickly became famous with Asian audiences through a series of hit movies, including My Bratty Princess. The enhanced beauty and the flourish of career are the things that describe Jang Nara‘s time at the moment.

Joining the entertainment industry for more than two decades, although the career of the “youth goddess” has passed its peak, Jang Nara‘s beauty has not stopped rising. If compared with a series of beauties at the same time as Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, Kim Tae Hee, etc. the gorgeous Jang beauty is even slightly more youthful.

Even in her 40s, Jang Nara still retains her natural and pure beauty. Looking at the everyday pictures shared on her social media account, netizens couldn’t help but be amazed.

The actress once shared that the secret to helping herself maintain her timeless beauty is to work hard on pilates. However, many fans joked that Jang Nara must have hidden another secret or some kind of “panacea”.

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