Dua Lipa Discusses Friendship with BLACKPINK, Calls Herself “A Real Fan”

On January 3, a video titled “Team Warner Original: Dua Lipa | Answers Questions from Fans” was published on the YouTube channel “Warner Music Korea”.

Here, Dua Lipa, who recently released her new song “Houdini”, responded to questions submitted by fans and discussed her friendship with BLACKPINK.

Dua Lipa

In particular, according to Dua Lipa, she made connections with Korea and became interested in collaborations with Korean artists because of BLACKPINK. The singer also insisted that she’s “a real fan” of the girl group.

Dua Lipa then revealed that in the early days of her career, she wrote the collaboration song with BLACKPINK, “Kiss and Make Up” and sent it to BLACKPINK on a whim.

blackpink dua lipa

The way Korean artists translate Dua Lipa’s lyrics also never fails to amuse the singer, leading to her connection with talented Korean celebs. 

Even now, Dua Lipa maintains her friendship with BLACKPINK, and even got Jennie to appear on her podcast.

Dua Lipa BLACKPINK’s Jennie

On the other hand, Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK collaborated on the 2018 track “Kiss and Make Up”. Later on, Jennie was invited to appear as a special guest for the podcast “Dua Lipa: At Your Service”.

Dua Lipa is also known to have collaborated with Hwasa and hung out with CL.

Source: YouTube, KB

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