Dispatch Mentions BLACKPINK’s Personal Contract Situation with YG

On the morning of December 7, Dispatch revealed the status of BLACKPINK’s personal contracts with YG

Even though BLACKPINK members have renewed their contract with YG, some fans are still worried because the renewed contract only serves the purpose of “group activities.” As for personal contracts, on December 6, YG officials stated that discussions are currently ongoing between the company and the members.

On December 7, Dispatch provided information that Yang Hyun-suk is the biggest beneficiary after BLACKPINK renewed their contract. In addition, Dispatch also revealed in the article, “Although YG has extended the contract with BLACKPINK for group activities, they are still discussing individual activities. It is known that some members have expressed their intention to pursue their individual paths rather than with YG when it comes to personal activities.”

Dispatch reports that some BLACKPINK members have expressed their intention to pursue individual paths regarding personal contracts.

Specifically, if BLACKPINK signs a group contract but does not sign individual contracts with YG and moves to different companies, the four BLACKPINK members will only participate in group activities under YG, such as group albums, concerts, and world tour performances.

This case has also occurred with some K-pop groups like SNSD, Super Junior, or more recently, D.O. of EXO under SM Entertainment.

If personal contracts with YG are not signed, BLACKPINK will only participate in group activities under the company

Earlier, there were many rumors about the four BLACKPINK members negotiating terms with different companies. Rosé was spotted having a private meeting with Ron Penny – Chairman and CEO of Columbia Records, a U.S. record label. Lisa has been repeatedly emphasized by the Korean media about her early decision to pursue her own path, while Jisoo and Jennie were rumored to establish their own management company.

However, Munhwa Ilbo in South Korea previously revealed that 2 out of 4 members are considering continuing to sign personal contracts with YG, citing an industry insider who said, “Some places are offering tens of billions of won to recruit them. However, some members believe that collaboration with YG will be more effective because the company has a lot of experience supporting BLACKPINK’s activities until now, so they are still in contact with YG.”

Source: Dispatch

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