THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Determined to Continue Promotions Despite Health Setback

IST Entertainment has issued an update on the health of THE BOYZ Sunwoo

On November 24, the agency revealed that Sunwoo had experienced neck and shoulder pain earlier in the day. While initial plans were to immediately take him to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, Sunwoo expressed a strong desire to participate in that day’s episode of “Music Bank.” Consequently, the decision was made to send him to the hospital after the pre-recording.

the boyz sunwoo

Later in the evening, IST Entertainment released another statement, disclosing that Sunwoo had been diagnosed with neuralgia and neuritis in the neck and shoulder area following his hospital visit.

Despite the doctor’s advice for Sunwoo to “minimize excessive movement for the time being,” the artist has shown “strong determination” to be part of THE BOYZ’s comeback promotions for their newly released album. As a result, Sunwoo will continue his activities “insofar as he can without overexerting himself.”

The full statement from IST Entertainment reads as follows:

“This is IST Entertainment.

We are providing an update regarding THE BOYZ member Sunwoo’s health and future activities.

This morning (November 24), Sunwoo complained of neck and shoulder pain, so immediately after today’s music show pre-recording, he went to the hospital. There, he was diagnosed with neuralgia and neuritis of the neck and shoulder area, and he received treatment.

the boyz sunwoo

Based on the doctor’s opinion that he needs to minimize excessive movement for the time being, we discussed Sunwoo’s future participation in performances. As Sunwoo expressed strong determination to take part in album promotions, we chose to respect the artist’s opinion, and it was decided that he would continue activities insofar as he can without overexerting himself.

Sunwoo will be joining THE BOYZ’s upcoming scheduled activities and taking part in the scheduled fan signing event, and it has been decided that, as much as possible, he will try to avoid any setbacks to the schedule that was promised to fans.

We will consider our artist’s health our top priority, and we plan to continue to have Sunwoo undergo continuous treatment and to carefully check his condition so that his injury does not worsen.”

Source: soompi

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