Fans show surprised reactions when Psy appears with a slim image

Fans are taken aback when they see that Psy has slimmed down in the most recent update, stating he failed to “manage” himself. 

On April 24th, Psy uploaded a video of himself doing the “Ting Ting Tang Tang” dance challenge on his official TikTok account. In the uploaded clip, the singer drew attention with flexible dance moves and a visibly slimmed-down body. 

At Psy’s new, slimmer image, fans consider this a sign the singer has not been taking care of himself. Particularly, Internet users responded, “Are you putting your body on hold?” “Why is the stomach in?” “Where did you leave it?”.


Earlier, Psy also expressed his willingness to gain weight due to fans’ request to the singer to “manage” it. Again, this time, Psy drew laughter by repeatedly saying, “I’m sorry”, to those who pointed out his recent weight change.

Psy also mentioned this when he appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in April last year. Upon seeing Psy losing more weight than before, Kang Ho Dong said that it was a “complete failure of self-management” when the singer lost weight, adding that Psy had to take care of himself more. In response, Psy said, “It’s a little sad, but in the past, no matter how much I dance, my body was maintained, but now I lose weight when I dance.”

Meanwhile, Psy’s “Summer Swag 2022” concert special will be aired on Disney+ on May 3rd.

Source: nate 

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