This BTS member was recommended by the rest of the group to appear on the US version of “Masked Singer” 

BTS members think that this member is capable of competing in the US version of “Masked Singer”.

Leader RM of the global boy group BTS is not only famous for his talent in music but also his impressive academic achievements and English fluency. Although he never lived or studied abroad, he almost sounds like a native English speaker.

In BTS’s greeting video for the singing competition show “Masked Singer” (American version) in 2019, the members received various questions. When asked which BTS member they would recommend to appear on the show, everyone chose RM because his English is the best in the group. 

RM also expressed his feelings, “I hope that many amazing singers can be on the stage. It’s amusing to guess who’s under the mask. So please stay tuned for ‘The Masked Singer’. We want to be there someday too.”

Since his debut, RM has made everyone admire his academic level. He is famous as the exemplary and smart leader who led BTS to success. With this many credits, it seems like he deserves to be called the “brain” of the band.

It was also reported that RM has an IQ of 148 (the top 0.1% of the population in the world). As a middle school student, he achieved 900/990 TOEIC points. RM confirmed by saying that he did a trial university entrance exam for literature, English, math, and social studies. The result showed that he ranked in the top 1.3% of the whole country. He once surprised everyone by solving math problems and puzzles amazingly fast in the IQ challenge in “Problematic Men”.

RM has also frequently impressed the public with his fluent Korean and English speeches. In the American show “Carpool Karaoke”, RM was assigned to sit next to the host to facilitate translation for other members.

In the episode, RM talked about how his knowledge of English was self-taught, and how he learned the language with the help of the popular sitcom “Friends”: “My mother bought me the DVDs! First, I watched it with Korean subtitles, and switched to English subtitles and then without subtitles. So I think that really helped me out.”

Having such a remarkable academic record, RM was previously prevented by his family from becoming an idol because his parents wanted him to focus on his studies. To convince his mother, he asked, “You wanted to have a son who was a first-place rapper, or a 5,000th-place student?” Thanks to RM’s determination back then, BTS now has a talented and reliable leader!

Source: K14

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