Former AOA member Jimin revealed her skinny look in the recent update

Jimin’s recent photo showing her appearance after losing weight has become a hot topic.

On January 30th, former AOA member Jimin posted two photos revealing how she has been doing along with a smiling face emoticon in her caption. In the released picture, Jimin appeared in a cute jacket and training pants. She was doing some poses in front of the camera outdoors. In particular, Jimin drew attention by revealing her recent status. Her face looked so skinny as if she has lost so much weight. It seems like she had suffered such a hard time.

Former AOA member Jimin recent update

Meanwhile, in 2020, AOA’s former member Kwon Min-ah said that she was bullied by Jimin. As a result, Jimin left the group and suspended her activities.

Former AOA member Jimin recent update

On January 13th, FNC Entertainment released a statement on their official website, saying, “We want to announce that our exclusive contract with artist Jimin has ended on January 12th, 2022”, adding, “We would like to express our gratitude to Jimin, who has been active as a singer under our company for the past 9 years. Although our partnership has ended, we hope everyone will continue to give warm encouragement and support to Jimin and her future plans”. 

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