Dispatch Criticized Police For Lee Sun-kyun’s Collapse, “What’s The Point Of Revealing Unrelated Statements?”

The starting point of the incident was Kim, the female director of an entertainment establishment. Police found out the name of Lee Sun-kyun in the process of investigating Kim’s drug use on October 18th, 2023 and Lee Sun-kyun was indeed an unexpected result.

On October 19th, articles about top star L under internal investigation on drug charges were published. A day after the investigation report was submitted, it was leaked to the media. An internal investigation was simply checking rumors based on intelligence so Lee Sun-kyun’s name was not disclosed.

dispatch lee sun kyun

At that time, the police had not investigated Kim because the first question of Kim was on the 19th. Apart from drug charges, Kim was also suspected of blackmailing Lee Sun-kyun so she decided to take someone down with her. In fact, the police did not check the credibility of Kim’s statement because they needed to make progress in the investigation. The fact that the police depended on Kim’s statement had already been confirmed in G-Dragon’s case.

dispatch lee sun kyun

On December 26th, JTBC reported Lee Sun-kyun’s statement about inhaling drugs through his nose using a straw thinking that it was a sleeping pill. In fact, the news was published with information from the police. The moment Lee Sun-kyun requested a verification of statements, news about his statement broke out. This situation happened once before. When the police were under fire for conducting an unreasonable investigation as Lee Sun-kyun tested negative for drugs, KBS reported the transcript of Kim and Lee Sun-kyun’s conversation.

Regarding the threatening case, here is what happened. Kim, Lee and Shin were intertwined. Lee is the younger sister of a businessman who worked with Kim and Shin is Lee’s boyfriend. Shin found out about his girlfriend’s drug use so he contracted Kim and threatened her that he would report it to the police and he actually did it. Kim intended to cover Shin’s mouth with money so she threatened rich artist Jeon but failed because Jeon turned themselves in first. Then, Kim picked Lee Sun-kyun as her next target.

dispatch lee sun kyun

Kim created a plan to deceive Lee Sun-kyun with an acquaintance. She texted Lee Sun-kyun and mentioned Jung Da-eun as the hacker who hacked her phone and threatened to reveal the relationship between her and the actor. Dispatch asked Jung Da-eun about it and discovered that Jung Da-eun was already arrested by the police and his phone was also confiscated by the time Kim made up the threatening story. On September 22nd, Kim successfully deceived Lee Sun-kyun into giving her 300 million won with that story. On October 13th, she threatened him again. This time, she asked for 50 million won. 

Kim has six drug convictions and all she could do was try to “make achievements” by revealing some big names, like Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon. The police conducted an investigation based on Kim’s statement but they should have verified it first. 


Is there a need to disclose the recording of conversation suggesting a suspicious relationship between Kim and Lee Sun-kyun? It has nothing to do with drug charges and could either be used as evidence. What’s so important in revealing Lee Sun-kyun’s statement about inhaling sleeping pills with a straw? Lee Sun-kyun is not facing charges of receiving prescriptions under another’s name and he already tested negative for drugs. 

Lee Sun-kyun was both a suspect in the drug case and a victim in the threatening case. However, the public would only remember him with drug use. The actor was determined to turn the case around by requesting a lie detector test but it was the police’s reports without confirming circumstances before and after that led to his collapse. On December 27th, Lee Sun-kyun passed away.

Source: Nate

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