Dating News of Female Idol in a Top K-pop Group to Be Unveiled on April 3? 

A Japanese media site recently claimed that they will unveil the dating news of a female idol in a top K-pop group. 

On April 2, the digital version of Japanese media site Shukan Bunshun released a notification about their upcoming headline news. Among those, the site claimed that they will reveal the news of a female idol from a “No.1 K-pop girl group” “seriously dating”, with photo evidence. 

It was also mentioned that the news will be published at noon (KST) on April 3. 


However, while many netizens are anxious about the news, others remained calm, even accusing the Japanese site of “media playing” and lying. 

According to these people, back in January 2023, Shukan Bunshun also claimed that it will unveil the dating images of a world-wide famous K-pop artist the following day. However, the media site ended up not publishing anything related. 

On the other hand, Shukan Bunshun is known to be notorious for unveiling the dating news of various Japanese celebrities, to the point it was called “Japanese Dispatch” among fans. 

Source: Shukan Bunshun, K Crush

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