Cheesy vs. Realistic, 2 versions of response from NCT’s Doyoung to a fan who confessed her love to him

NCT’s Doyoung knows how to make fans’ hearts flutter but he can also keep it real. 

Recently, NCT’s Doyoung sat down in an interview with W Korea to answer questions sent by NCTzens (NCT’s fans). After reading out a question that says, “I can’t find a boyfriend because I like Doyoung oppa so much. What should I do?”, Doyoung got slightly flustered so he just laughed.  He then wondered if he should answer it in a realistic or a romantic way. Eventually, Doyoung responded in two opposite versions. 

Showing off his charming “boyfriend material” vibes, Doyoung came up with a cheesy and heart-fluttering response first, saying, “As an idol, keep liking only me. So you don’t have a boyfriend, what’s the big deal? I will be your boyfriend.” 

NCT Doyoung

Meanwhile, in the realistic version, Doyoung told the fan to keep looking for a man to date because he is certainly somewhere out there. The male idol said, “Realistically, you will find a boyfriend. Definitely. So look for one.”

Which version of Doyoung’s response is your favorite? 

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