“‘Penthouse’ Cheon Seo-jin’s reincarnation?” – Actress Kim So-yeon drew explosive responses for her recent SNS update

Actress Kim So-yeon, who is going to reunite with “Penthouse” director, made headlines after revealing her current situation in new photos.

Kim So-yeon uploaded 4 photos on her Instagram on February 23rd and wrote “All Viewers+: Shortbuster” in her caption.

The released photos showed Kim So-yeon doing various poses while wearing a black dress with one of her shoulders revealed. The actress caught the eyes of netizens by exuding an alluring atmosphere with a perm hairstyle and thick smoky makeup.

Showing off her superior visual with distinctive facial features, Kim So-yeon also drew admiration for her unique aura with a smile. In particular, her appearance on that day reminded fans of Cheon Seo-jin, her character in “Penthouse”.

Earlier, Kim So-yeon attracted keen attention as she decided to appear in “It’s Alright”, a new work directed by Joo Dong-min, the director of “Penthouse”. Director Joo will challenge making short films through TVing’s show “All Viewers+: Shortbuster/ 전체관람가+: 숏버스터”.

Right after Kim So-yeon posted these photos, netizens gave enthusiastic reactions, wondering whether it was the revival of Cheon Seo-jin.

many comments

Internet users also left many comments on Kim Seo-yeon’s Instagram posts: “I thought Cheon Seo-jin was going to revive”, “This reminds me of Cheon Seo-jin”, “Wow, is this the reincarnation of Cheon Seo-jin?”, “It’s been a long time since she last wore a black dress. So beautiful”, “Amazing. That’s Cheon Seo-jin”.

Kim So-yeon

Last year, Kim So-yeon played the role of Cheon Seo-jin in SBS’s hit drama “Penthouse”, and received huge love for her acting skills that made people thrilled. She also won the Daesang (Grand prize) at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards.

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