Won Bin still shines with his unchanged handsomeness despite already turning 44

Actor Won Bin catches the eyes of fans with a series of pictorials that exudes an autumn vibe.

In the pictorials taken for a men’s clothing brand, Won Bin gave off a soft charisma and perfectly pulled off various looks. Even though he has turned 44, he still looks just handsome as he used to be when he was young, proving him as one of the most handsome actors in Korea.

Won Bin’s unchanged appearance and chic style are expressed through the combination of colorful and witty outfits of TD Classic.

Won Bin’s variety of charms are shown in these classic and formal pictorials. He wears a must-have outwear for the change of seasons, a corduroy jacket, and a tone-on-tone colored sweater. This look gives off a sophisticated and attractive vibe that embraces warmness. In another pictorial cut, he appears in a leather jacket that is matched with basic knitwear and loose-fit pants and shows off a comfortable and sensuous style. Moreover, by matching a formal setup suit made of corduroy with high-top shoes, a complete witty mix-and-match outfit is created to bring out a luxurious look on the actor.

The pictorials of Won Bin will be additionally released on Olzen’s official SNS.

Won Bin
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