Netizens argued when they discovered Yang Hyun Suk’s voice during BLACKPINK’s soundcheck live broadcast

Fans suddenly heard a very familiar voice in the BLACKPINK soundcheck video

Today (January 30), BLACKPINK had a soundcheck before the online concert THE SHOW took place tomorrow (January 31).  Immediately, the images and videos cut from the live stream caught the attention.

And the most surprising thing was that netizens suddenly heard a male voice that sounded exactly like the voice of the former CEO of YG Yang Hyun Suk.  This has caused great controversy among fans as well as netizens.

Yang Hyun Suk's voice during BLACKPINK’s soundcheck live broadcast

For the BLACKPINK fan community in particular and YG’s fans in general, it is very meaningful because Yang Hyun Suk, even though he left the position of Chairman, is always accompanying all the artists’ activities.  But for netizens, Yang Hyun Suk has resigned as Chairman after a gambling scandal and the suspicion of being related to the biggest scandal in Kbiz history, Burning Sun.  Therefore, this makes them unhappy and thinks that Yang Hyun Suk abuses his power, the resignation is only a formality.

Previously, based on reports released last year, former CEO Yang Hyun Suk still holds 17.31% of YG Entertainment’s shares.  According to netizens, this proves that Yang Hyun Suk’s departure from the company is only a formality.  These shares are still large enough for Yang Hyun Suk to profit from the company and have the right to make important decisions about the company’s business.

Currently, this topic is still fiercely controversial on social networks.

Sources: kenh14

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