IU directly mentioned what she wanted to hear from her boyfriend Lee Jong Suk

Actress-singer IU mentioned her boyfriend Lee Jong Suk.

IU recently conducted a video interview ahead of the release of the movie “Dream”. This movie is a work that Lee Jong Suk was offered to appear in earlier. However, as Lee Jong Suk finally refused, actor Park Seo Joon took on the role.


When reporters asked about her lover Lee Jong Suk, IU said, “I want to have a healthy, beautiful and quiet relationship.

When reporters asked “What is Lee Jong Suk’s reaction to his girlfriend’s appearance in ‘Dream’, which he was offered to appear in?“, IU replied, “I first learned about it through this question. I didn’t really hear anything about this, so I don’t think I can say anything.

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When asked how she wanted Lee Jong Suk to react to the movie, she smiled shyly, saying, “Since it hasn’t been released yet, I don’t know how he will react. If (Lee Jong Suk) watches the movie, I hope ‘Dream’ will be healing and comforting to him.

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She added, “Our movie is a work that says ‘It’s okay’ to those who think they are falling behind. If he (Lee Jong Suk) is having such troubles, I hope he will watch the movie and feel that ‘The speed at which I’m going is okay’.

“Dream” is a movie about conceptless former football player Hong Dae (Park Seo Joon) and passionless PD So Min (IU) challenging impossible dreams with a national football team of homeless people. Starring actors Park Seo Joon, IU, Kim Jong Soo and Ko Chang Seok, “Dream” is helmed by director Lee Byeong Heon, who is known for the films “Twenty”, “What a Man Wants”, “Extreme Job” and the drama “Be Melodramatic”. The movie will be released on April 26th.

On the last day of last year, Lee Jong Suk and IU admitted to their romantic relationship and became an official couple in the entertainment industry.

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