Dating a beautiful lawyer at age 59, Johnny Depp looks unrecognizable with his beard shaved off

Hollywood star Johnny Depp (59) went through a drastic transformation after shaving his beard off.

On October 12th (local time), Johnny Depp appeared on SiriusXM with guitarist Jeff Beck in New York, as part of their promotion for their album, “18”.

At the event, Johnny Depp drew attention by shaving his trademark beard. He also chatted with fans several times and took pictures.

johnny depp

On the other hand, Johnny Depp is enjoying a relationship with a beautiful lawyer.

In particular, on September 22nd, American media Page Six reported that Depp was dating Joel Ritchie, a 37-year-old lawyer working in London. Joel Richie is currently in the process of divorce from her ex, and is raising two children.

Johnny Depp

Previously, Ritchie defended Depp in a defamation trial with media outlet The Sun in the 2020 divorce war between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the UK.

Although she did not take charge of Johnny Depp’s US case, the lawyer appeared in US courts and reinforced the dating rumors.

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