Current whereabouts of “Penthouse” young and emerging stars: Young Dae is currently the most sought-after name 

Each actor is at a different point in their careers, all have their share of successes from the show, regardless. 

Kim Young Dae

Prior to “Penthouse” series, the 1996-born Kim Young Dae’s career was relatively unknown with no breakthroughs nor highlights. It was in 2019 when the renowned series “Penthouse” aired that the actor had his major leap. 

As Seok Hoon, the son of the evil Joo Dan Tae, Young Dae was shot to stardom as a prospective star. The success of “Penthouse” skyrocketed the actor’s reputation to that of a heartthrob in Korean showbiz. 

The actor was a sought-after name in modeling for brands. He became the center of media attention. His fan base grew in numbers, becoming more crowded by the day. 

Young Dae was offered the male lead in “Sh**ting Star” alongside well-known senior actress Lee Sung Kyung. However, the drama received low ratings and streams of heavy criticism, the actor’s acting was also considered boring and forgettable.   

Nevertheless, Kim Young Dae’s reputation is unaffected. He is still handpicked by directors as a leading character and has a lot of shows waiting for him. Young Dae is returning with “The Forbidden Marriage” drama project produced by MBC. 

Han Ji Hyun

Han Ji Hyun made her impression through her delivery of the arrogant, stubborn and cruel Seok Kyung who possesses a captivating and classy aura as well as stunning beauty.

Following her success on “Penthouse”, Han Ji Hyun was lying low until earlier this year. She received a new role in SBS’s drama series “Cheer Up” as the female lead. 

The actress is appointed to the role of Do Hae Yi, a newbie cheerleader in Yeon Hee University.  The series sets against a backdrop of school romance with a touch of mysterious elements. The show promises to keep the viewers glued to their seats. The series is still in production and is expected to air later this year. 

Kim Hyun Soo 

Hyun Soo is a talented young actress with great acting chops and many years of experience under her belt as a child actress. As Bae Ro Na, she immediately created an astounding performance when she pulled off the complex psychology and pitiable image of her character. 

After “Penthouse”, Hyun Soo does not appear on many film projects, instead, perhaps, focusing on her study. The actress only appeared on the mystery drama “Artificial City” last December as a minor character. 

Choi Ye Bin

Choi Ye Bin played  Ha Eun Byeol in the series and is partially known for her “meme-able” facial expressions in Korean films, be it laughing or weeping. 

The actress bloomed following her appearance on the series. The actress got her first lead role with the series “Love & Wish” and left an unforgettable performance as Na Yoo Na in the well-received K-drama by KBS2 “It’s Beautiful Now”. 

Jin Ji Hee

Jin Ji Hee was once a popular child star, known for her role as the feisty He Ri in the hit family sitcom “High Kick through the Roof Part 2”. In her adulthood, the actress continued her success and shone bright as Yoo Je Ni in “Penthouse”. 

Following the series’s wrap-up, the actress has not received any other drama projects. Hopefully she will soon appear on a future successful film project. 

Lee Tae Vin

Lee Tae Vin played Lee Min Hyuk, a spoiled rich kid and a member of the notorious and infamous clique “Hera Kids”. The role boosted the unknown “Myteen” band member to become a promising star in the Korean film scene. 

post-”Penthouse”, Tae Vin got the chance to lead in K-drama “Delivery”, co-starring (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon. The webdrama did not garner any significant achievement. Hence, his reputation did not gain any leverage. The actor has not had any new projects this year. 

After the heat of “Penthouse”, the series’ actors and actresses are at different points in their careers with Kim Young Dae and Choi Ye Bin making the most out of the “Penthouse” launch pad. Hopefully, each actor will soon find their individual accomplishments. 

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