Criticism Pours As S.Coups Quickly Returns To SEVENTEEN’s Activities After Military Exemption

The controversy continues over the exemption of S.Coups, a member of the group Seventeen, from his military service.

S.Coups underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction due to ruptured left knee joint anterior cruciate ligament, according to Pledis Entertainment on March 1st. “Since it was a major surgery, he has been undergoing recovering treatment for a long period of time from last year to the present. For this reason, he was judged to receive level 5 of military exemption,” it said.

S.Coups, who was born in 1995, turns 29 years old after his birthday this August, so there was a high possibility that he would join the military within this year. S.Coups received level 5 wartime work force, which means he is not mandatory for military service during peacetime, and he is only obligated to do so in wartime situations.


S.Coups announced that he was diagnosed with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in August last year after his left knee was injured while he was filming his own content. In response, S.Coups was not able to join SEVENTEEN’s Japanese tour and tvN entertainment show “Nana Tour with SEVENTEEN” as well as the release of the group’s new song “God of Music.”

As a result, fans are worried and cheering for the exemption, while negative opinions are also being made. This is because the group’s agency recently announced S.Coups’ return to SEVENTEEN’s activities. The agency said, “Medical staff agreed that it is okay for S.Coups to carry out the schedules as long as it is not too physical,” and that he will participate in the group’s schedule from this month.


While some welcomed and cheered for his return, others said, “If the injury is serious enough for him to receive an exemption from the military, how can he return to his activities so easily?,” and “He will have a negative label for life if he returns to work as soon as he receives an exemption from the military.” “S.Coups’ military exemption” is receiving high attention, as it is becoming a real-time trend on social networking services (SNS).

As the eldest member S.Coups has created an issue with his exemption from the military, attention is also focused on the other members joining the military.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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