Controversy over “Street Woman Fighter 2” Bada’s personality “Disappointed vs Witch Hunt”

Controversy surrounding "Street Woman Fighter 2" dancer Bada is heating up online

The controversy began on Feb 19th when Lia Kim and Halo went live for the meeting of the leaders of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” (SWF2).

The incident occurred at Lia Kim’s house in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, where the leaders of “SWF2” were supposed to gather for a meeting, but the members did not show up, causing confusion as it was a promise made a month ago.

lia kim

In particular, Lia Kim and Halo, through the live broadcast, communicated with fans and shared the situation of other members, during which they had a phone call with Bada, which drew criticism from some netizens.

At the time, when asked what she was doing, Bada replied, “I’m practicing.” When asked “Are you done with practice yet?“, she showed signs of difficulty, saying, “Maybe I won’t make it.”

Bada asked if all the members had arrived, and Lia Kim’s response that only Halo and she were there surprised her. She said, “Oh, they haven’t arrived yet.”

Lia Kim suggested, “They seem to be coming late because they have classes. It’s okay to be late, so just come.” Bada, looking flustered, said, “To Gyeonggi-do?” To this, Halo drew a line, saying, “Let’s meet in Seoul.

Bada also said, “We’ll push ahead with the next meeting.” Halo responded, “If you do that next time, you’re so mean.” Lia Kim urged, “You guys should come first and wait.

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They had a friendly conversation, and Bada’s voice conveyed a sense of remorse, showing that they cared about each other.

However, some netizens criticized Bada for not notifying in advance about her absence due to practice, despite knowing about the predetermined promise, and for only notifying after receiving the call.

Not only Bada but also other dancers have already disappointed netizens by not keeping the promised time.

In such a situation, there is a growing concern among fans that the atmosphere of excessively holding Bada accountable is like a “witch hunt”.

Source: Nate

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