From Kai → Taeyeon… ‘KAMP LA’ K-pop concert caused a stir as they announced the absence of half of its lineup artists on the day of the event

“KAMP LA” concert is controversial as they announced the news of performers’ absence right before the event began.

“KAMP LA 2022” concert will be held at Rose Bowl Stadium, Los Angeles on the 15th and 16th of October. 

According to the original lineup, BamBam, iKON, Jeon So-mi, Kai (EXO), LAPILLUS, P1Harmony, Super Junior, and Taeyeon will perform on the 15th, while the 16th show will feature aespa, Chung Ha, Epik High, MOMOLAND, Monsta X, T1419, and Zion.T.

While most of the artists, who were scheduled to depart Korea for the event, did not inform fans of their current situation through SNS, BamBam and Jeon So-mi made posts hinting that there was a delay with their travel plans. In response, fans raised speculations on whether there was any problem with the concert.

jeon so mi

In the end, on October 15th, the first day of the concert, KAMP LA released a statement, saying “The following artists are unable to travel as planned due to unforeseen U.S work visa issues and circumstances outside of the artists’ and promoters’ control: BamBam, Jeon So-mi, Kai, LAPILLUS, Taeyeon, and Zion.T”. Fans were all taken aback by the sudden announcement right before the concert.


Since most of the absent artists were scheduled to appear on October 15th show’s lineup, KAMP LA said, “We have added MOMOLAND and T1419 as special guests on Saturday as well”.


SM Entertainment, Taeyeon and Kai’s management company, said, “The organizers have conducted the approval of performance and cooperation visas in all fields before, but in the end still did not receive the approval. of visas. “We can’t tell you quickly because the organizer’s situation has been delayed.”

Starship Entertainment, the management company of Monsta X, also explained that the organizers carried out visa work, but because they did not get approval, American schedules such as the LA concert and ‘iHeart Radio Live’ were inevitably canceled.

Billboard, a US popular music media outlet, criticized the show, saying, “The organizer predicted that this concert would be the ‘largest K-pop event in American history’, but the plan has changed rapidly.”


Internet users gave various responses to this news, such as “They’re so irresponsible”, “This is the concert organizer’s mistake”, “How can half of the lineup suffer visa issues at the same time?”, “A lot of fans have already gone to L.A to see the artists. What should they do?”, etc. 

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