“Marry My Husband” cast’s last filming and closing remarks “It’s a work that made me want to act again”

The last filming and closing remarks of the actors in "Marry My Husband" have been revealed

On Feb 21st, the production team of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband” released a video titled “Goodbye, Marry My Husband. Thank you for taking charge of our dopamine♥”.

On this day, the making video included scenes from the physical confrontation between Park Min-hwan (played by Lee Yi-kyung) and Yoo Ji-hyuk (played by Na In-woo) to Yoo Ji-hyuk and Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young)’s wedding.

park min young

Wearing a wedding dress, Park Min-young conveyed her feelings about the wedding scene, “Our romance has something touching about it. It’s very touching.”

She added, “Starting with cherry blossoms and ending with a cherry blossom ending, it feels special.”

Park Min-young choked up as she expressed her gratitude to the staff, “It’s a work that made me want to act again. Thank you.

She continued, “I didn’t know it would be the end. Fortunately, many people loved it, so I was able to finish it with a bright smile. Thank you. There will be many changes in my acting life from now on.”

Na In-woo calmly confessed, “It still doesn’t feel real. I feel very sorry, but I think I need to say goodbye.”

Lee Yi-kyung, who played the bad husband in “Marry My Husband”, expressed his gratitude to viewers, “It feels good because it’s the end. I can let go of acting as a bad person. Because of your love, the bad words you sent me didn’t sound all bad.”

lee kikwang

Song Ha-yoon tearfully said her final farewell. She sincerely shared, “I’m crying again. There were scary moments playing Soo-min. I ran with countless thoughts whether these were real emotions or fake. I can’t believe it’s the last filming, but now I’m going to bury Soo-min and live another life.”

Lee Gi-kwang said, “I’m Lee Gi-kwang, who is living as Baek Eun-ho. I’m proud because the atmosphere is good. I’ll do my best until the end.” Gong Min-jeung, who played the role of Yang Joo-ran, said, “It feels like I have to go out to the set again tomorrow, but I think I have to say goodbye. Thank you.”

BoA left her final remarks, “It feels like time passed quickly as the seasons changed. Please don’t hate (Yu-ra) too much.

Ha Do-kwon, who played the role of Lee Seok-joon, said, “It started in spring and ended in snowy winter. Thank you for your love.” Kim Jung-hee, who played Kim Kyung-wook, said, “I was happy to be with good staff and actors. It was a good set.”

song ha yoon

Park Min-young, with a choked voice, confessed, “Thank you for loving ‘Marry My Husband’. It means a lot to me. Effort is never in vain, and sincerity always prevails. I’m sincerely grateful for making my motto come true.

Lee Yi-kyung jokingly told Park Min-hwan, “Don’t live like that. Live well in heaven when you die.” Song Ha-yoon choked up, saying, “You worked hard, Soo-min. Let’s be loved by the sisters in prison.”

Source: Daum

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