Composer admires TWICE’s immense popularity, “They are becoming more famous these days”

Composer Crazy Emotion talked about TWICE’s popularity

The September 15th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Kim Young Chul’s PowerFM” featured composer Crazy Emotion.


On the radio broadcast, Crazy Emotion introduced various hit songs of TWICE. Regarding “SET ME FREE”, the composer said, “Many people don’t know this song compared to other hit songs of the group so they may think TWICE is currently not as famous as they did”, adding “That’s not true. With this album, TWICE entered Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ at No.2. In fact, TWICE are becoming more famous these days”.

He continued, “The heyday of an idol group normally lasts for at lease 5 years, and at their 7th year, they would expand the spectrum to solo activities. However, while TWICE continues doing many group activities, Nayeon and Jihyo made their solo debuts and received favorable reviews.”

Kim Young-cheol

The composer added, “Looking at the global sales of albums this year, Taylor Swift ranked 1st and TWICE placed 6th. For the first time in K-pop history, a girl group album surpassed 1 million copies. What an amazing achievement. The size of their world tour has quadrupled”, adding “Their increasing popularity has been predicted since last year. As of last year, the group already sold over 10 million album copies in their whole career and had many music videos with more than 100 million views.”

Crazy Emotion emphasized, “Although it’s still a little hard for K-pop to expand in Europe, TWICE recently held their 5th world tour there successfully. As a musician, I feel very proud and respect them.”

Source: Daum

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