Comparing the Number of Released Songs by Kpop’s Big4 companies: Noteworthy Disparities

No YG Music Group Owns More Than 80 Songs Throughout Their Career

Recently, a statistical topic on the “Number of Korean songs released by Kpop idol groups” from the four biggest Kpop companies, namely SM – YG – JYP – HYBE, has attracted attention from a large number of internet users.

In this topic, there are groups that surprise netizens as they release numerous products in a short period of activity. However, there are also groups that astonish fans by being extremely famous but having a modest number of songs. BLACKPINK and YG once again faced criticism.

bts seventeen
BTS and SEVENTEEN are self-producing groups with an overwhelming number of songs.
TWICE is considered a hard-working girl group

Specifically, on average, each third-generation group from SM, JYP, and HYBE has released about 100 Korean songs. This is understandable given the continuous comeback frequency of names like TWICE, EXO, NCT, Red Velvet, BTS, SEVENTEEN, etc.

blackpink thumbnail
Throughout their 7-year career, BLACKPINK has only released 33 Korean songs.

YG has the fewest number of songs, especially throughout BLACKPINK’s 7-year career, the group has only released 33 Korean songs. Despite having additional English-language products, they don’t have many songs. BLACKPINK has long breaks and, as of now, has only released 2 full albums (The Album – 2020; Born Pink – 2022) and a series of singles in the first 2 years after debut.

Furthermore, no group under YG has surpassed the mark of 80 Korean songs released. BIGBANG, with many years of activity and the “hit maker” G-Dragon, only has 69 songs throughout their career.

Number of songs released by some music groups (Only counting Korean songs, not including Japanese and English songs):


  • SNSD: 112
  • NCT127: 94
  • NCT Dream: 71
  • EXO: 108
  • Super Junior: 196
  • DBSK: 132
  • aespa: 29
  • Red Velvet: 102


  • 2PM: 113
  • Wonder Girls: 86
  • TWICE: 132
  • Stray Kids: 130
  • ITZY: 42


  • BTS: 218
  • TXT: 65
  • NewJeans: 20
  • ENHYPEN: 51
  • SEVENTEEN: 124


  • BIGBANG: 69
  • 2NE1: 52
  • WINNER: 58
  • Treasure: 40
  • iKON: 72

Source: K14

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