Choi Yena’s “Music Core” interview revealed “Cute jealousy towards the object of envy”

On the July 1st broadcast of MBC’s music program “Show! Music Core”, Choi Yena had a short interview with MCs before performing her new song.

Prior to the performance, Choi Yena explained about her new song “Hate Rodrigo”, “This new song expresses cute jealousy towards the object of envy.

choi yena

She added, “This time, I added a lovely charm with Y2K styling. Does it suit me well? I prepared a performance that everyone can’t help but fall in love with once you see it. I’ll show you in a while.”

Meanwhile, Choi Yena will not attend the post-recording for “Show! Music Core”. Her agency Yuehua Entertainment announced, “Since the pre-recording has already been carried out, the performance will be broadcast. Choi Yena plans to appear on SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ on July 2nd as scheduled.

choi yena

The reason for not attending the post-recording is poor physical condition. The agency said, “We ask for your generous understanding due to frequent schedule changes, and we will do our best to restore the artist’s condition.” Some expressed their opinion that Choi Yena may have felt burdened by the recent controversy surrounding her new song.

Choi Yena released her new song “Hate Rodrigo” on June 27th. The song contains lyrics expressing Choi Yena’s admiration with cute jealousy towards her idol Olivia Rodrigo, saying “I hate all the kids who are doing better than me!“. At the time of the new song’s release, Choi Yena explained “It’s a song that expresses the cute jealousy I feel. There’s no resentment“, but many people pointed out that it was not appropriate to directly mention another artist’s real name.

Source: Daum

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