Choi Yena Upset About Brother’s Indifference, “He Used To Give Me A Lot Of Feedback”

Singer Choi Yena guested on the January 23rd broadcast of MBC FM4U’s radio program “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”.

That day, DJ Kim Shin-young praised Choi Yena, saying “She’s very sincere and polite”, and asked, “Who is a well-mannered person to you?”. In response, Choi Yena said, “My biological brother Sung-min. He’s from Cheonghak-dong”.

Choi Yena Kim Shin-young

Choi Yena and her brother are known to be very close to each other, however, the female singer still felt upset about her brother. She complained, “He used to pay keen attention to me. Whenever I prepared my album or shot a music video, we would monitor them together. He used to give a lot of feedback but he’s no longer interested in my activities.”

Choi Yena continued, “Even if I show him something, he will say ‘I’ll take a look at it later’. He needs time for himself. He’s been quite busy with some theater plays. That’s why I’m a little upset”. Kim Shin-young commented, “My brother also watched all of my broadcasts in the past. He’s not like that anymore these days”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Choi Yena released her third mini album “GOOD MORNING” on January 15th.

Source: Daum

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