Choi Jun Hee Gets Face Slimming Injection After Confessing to Eye and Nose Surgery

Choi Jun Hee, who has slimmed down and confessed to having eye and nose surgery, is making bold moves again with her face slimming injection.

On April 25th, Choi Jun Hee posted on her Instagram, “Face slimming Injection that Ji Woo unni recommended so enthusiastically. Even the actresses I know say they have to get it before going into a drama, so I decided to try it before going to New York for maintenance… but it’s really good, I really like it,” revealing her surprise update that she had received the Gyeoreum Injection, which slims down the face.

Earlier last month, Choi Jun Hee also surprised fans by revealing her appearance after undergoing revision surgery on her double eyelids and nose, which still appeared swollen. However, it seemed that her double eyelids had taken shape to some extent.

On April 8th, she even shared tips on her plastic surgery experience, posting the phrase “even if your constitution is good, eye and nose surgery can still sink,” showing her confident attitude towards plastic surgery and procedures, typical of the MZ generation.

Meanwhile, Choi Jun Hee recently announced that she has terminated her exclusive contract with her agency, Y-bloom, and is preparing to work as a writer. 

She previously gained attention for losing 44kg through exercise and dietary changes, after her weight reached 96kg due to her battle with lupus.

Source: Daum

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