ChoA “11-shaped abs + Apple hip”… “My butt is bigger, so my underwear gets stuck”

Former AOA member ChoA showed off her perfect body.

On Jan 6th, “ChoA’s escape from Skinny Obesity EP.06 Body Profile D-30” was uploaded on ChoA’s official YouTube channel.

ChoA confessed that she visits the gym 3 times a week to do the body profile.

Wearing a white crop top, ChoA drew attention by showing off her 11-shaped abs and saying, “I’ve never trained like this in my life.

Trainer Yang Chi Seung admired ChoA’s changed appearance, “I thought you wore a large size mask. But it’s because you lost weight. You see that? I thought she’d had some surgery.


ChoA, who took the InBody measurement, did not have much change in muscle mass but lost 1kg of body fat.

Yang Chi Seung praised, “Let’s try to widen the shoulders a bit and working on the buttocks is key. When you wore the leggings at the start, it was like a frying pan. But you’re like a WOK now.


ChoA showed confidence, “You know my underwear, it fits too tightly. My butt is bigger. It gets stuck! It does make me think my butt has gotten bigger. It gives me more motivation to work out.


Source: Nate

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