Chinese Netizens Threaten to Boycott Celebrities Attending BLACKPINK Concerts

Chinese netizens took to Weibo to express their disapproval and initiate a boycott against celebrities who attend BLACKPINK’s concerts. 

A list on Weibo revealed several Chinese celebrities who attended BLACKPINK’s concerts. Among the names mentioned were Angelababy, Esther Yu, Nana Ou-Yang, Joe Chen, JJ Lin. 


This list stirred up controversy and invited criticism from Chinese netizens, some of whom even threatened to boycott products endorsed by these celebrities solely because of their attendance at a K-pop concert.

One particular incident that garnered attention occurred earlier this year when Angelababy made headlines by attending BLACKPINK’s concert in Hong Kong. 

The news sparked a flurry of negative comments, with Chinese netizens questioning the appropriateness of a Chinese actor supporting a K-pop group. 


The issue has fueled a considerable amount of debate within Chinese social media circles. While a portion of netizens strongly condemned the celebrities’ actions, many others voiced their support for international artists and their music.

BLACKPINK, in particular, has amassed a significant fan base in China, showcasing the group’s widespread appeal and bridging the gap between different music cultures.


Despite the controversy, BLACKPINK’s concerts continue to attract immense attention and sell out rapidly. The recent “BORN PINK” concert in Macau, held on May 20-21, witnessed an overwhelming response. Even additional tickets, priced at eight times the original cost, were quickly snatched up by fans.

Source: twitter

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