Chaotic moments at SMA 2019: Fireworks exploded near the seats, artists scurry to cover themselves

While watching BTS’s “Fake Love” performance, all the idols were in a sudden panic because the firecrackers shot at them.

On the evening of January 15, the 28th “Seoul Music Awards” award ceremony (SMA) was officially held with the participation of a variety of artists such as BTS, Wanna One, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, iKON … This year’s awards ceremony is considered fair and complete with all artists.

However, the organizers are receiving much criticism from fans because the artists face the danger during the award.

Specifically, in BTS‘s “Fake Love” performance, the other artists were watching intently as the fire suddenly shot up, repeatedly near them. This makes both female and male artists shocked and panicked while quickly fleeing their seats, a scene seems to be only in movies. Not only was it fearful, but many idols also seemed to actually have been hit by fireworks.

sma 1
All the artists were surprised by the sudden fireworks.
sma 2
Continuously, the fireworks flared up at a very close distance from the artists
sma 3
Artists had to run from their seats.

With the massive and dangerous firework, idols are the ones who directly affect by the cannon. Immediately, after the award ceremony ended, fans reacted strongly to the treatment of artists:

“What were they thinking? They didn’t even warn the artists. Did they want them to get hurt or something?”.

“What did the organizers think when setting the artists’ seats so close to the canon?”

“If something happened to my idol, the organizers should apologize”

sma 4
It seems like member Yun Hyung (iKON) was actually shot by the cannon
sma 5
The show was spectacular with fireworks for BTS performance, unfortunately, the colleagues below were at risk.

Source: Kenh14

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