Chaeyoung (Twice) accidentally revealed a bracelet related to her boyfriend, making Knet dissatisfied.

There are still a lot of Knet that do not like the relationship between Chaeyoung (TWICE) and her boyfriend.

In November 2020, rumors of Chaeyoung (Twice) being in a loving relationship with an elderly man were widely spread throughout Korean and Chinese online forums.  According to much pieces of evidence, and this person is 9 years older than the female idol.

In addition, netizens also said that Chaeyoung’s tattoos were done by Chimhwasa himself, and the two did not intend to hide this relationship too.  They even use couple clothes, travel, go shopping together.  At that time, JYP gave an ambiguous response saying: ‘We do not take any stance on this matter’.  The fact that JYP did not admit it nor deny it made netizens believe that the couple was really dating.

Chaeyoung (Twice) accidentally revealed a bracelet related to her boyfriend

For a while, recently, the dating story of Chaeyoung and Chimhwasa suddenly became a hot topic on the internet forum.  The reason is that Knet has pointed out the proof of their love through a small detail in the photo posted by the female idol.

In a recent Bubble community update, TWICE’s Chaeyoung shared a few shots from her day to day life with her fans, including a candid cut, a selca, and a cut of her jewelry.

Chaeyoung (Twice) accidentally revealed a bracelet related to her boyfriend

The detail that caught Knet’s attention was a handmade, beaded bracelet in Chaeyoung’s jewelry pile, which contained the initials “HSJ” or “JSH”.  These characters also coincide with Chimhwasa’s real name, Jung Seong Hyun.  This makes netizens confirm that the couple is still having a happy date.

Chaeyoung (Twice) accidentally revealed a bracelet related to her boyfriend
Chaeyoung (Twice) accidentally revealed a bracelet related to her boyfriend

Before that, Knet had no sympathy towards Chaeyoung’s rumored boyfriend because they thought that the male tattoo artist had a bad personality.  Now that the female idol has a photo showing the love hint, they feel even more upset.  Many Knet also rejected the fan’s defense when saying that a letter on the bracelet is ‘C’, not ‘J’.

Some comments on Korean forums:

-I agree, those letters are huge and really stand out, maybe she did want to confirm the relationship for the boyfriend’s happiness, without upsetting her fans.

– I don’t care if Chaeyoung’s dating, I believe this would really help her in terms of musicality since she writes lyrics for the group but I feel like ONCEs should stop posting photos that twice post on bubble into public apps, I understand not everyone could afford to subscribe to bubble but there must be a reason why Chaeyoung chose to post on bubble instead of their public Instagram, Chaeyoung rarely updates the group’s Instagram and I don’t want Chaeyoung to stop going to bubble because of this.

– Everyone can read it, it’s JSH.  Why are there people who purposely say the ‘J’ is a ‘C’?  That is the abbreviation of that male tattooist.

 – If she posts this on Bubble, does it mean they haven’t broken up yet?  Her mentality is too strong, right.

– Does this woman like to do thoughtless things?

 – Chaeyoung doesn’t think of fans at all, it’s a pity.

 – Are they still in a happy relationship?

 – That boyfriend posted a few offensive pictures of her body but she still dates him?

– Anyway, there are still a lot of fans who are rejecting Son Chaeyoung.  I’m not even angry anymore.  I didn’t think she was part of TWICE.

Sources: tinnhac

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