“Castaway Diva” releases new still cuts ahead of first broadcast: Park Eun-bin with masterful adaptability, Kim Hyo-jin with zero defensive power

The daily life of Park Eun-bin, whose adaptability is at peak level, and Kim Hyo-jin, who has zero defensive power, was revealed

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Castaway Diva” (written by Park Hye-ryun and Eun Yeol, directed by Oh Choong-hwan), which will premiere on October 28th, revolves around Seo Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin), a girl who dreams of becoming a diva. She wins a UCC competition and goes to Seoul to take an audition, but gets stranded on an uninhabited island due to an unfortunate accident and returns to the world after 15 years.

In the photos released on October 24th, Seo Mok-ha is making use of survival skills as she utilizes washed-up trash from the waves as daily necessities on the deserted island. She has a tough spirit that isn’t easily shaken by trials, as she’s had to be self-sufficient for water, fire and food during her long isolation on the deserted island.

In contrast, Yoon Ran-joo (Kim Hyo-jin), who once had high self-esteem but has lost her popularity and is now so fragile that she’s living in a fan’s home, can be seen in the photos, showing a stark contrast between her prime years and her current state.

Seo Mok-ha and Yoon Ran-joo, who have been isolated on their respective islands for a long time, will complement each other and move towards a heartwarming womance with the same goal of a “life rewind”.

As Park Eun-bin and Kim Hyo-jin’s perfect chemistry in the teaser and highlight videos garnered much attention, expectations are high for their synergy. “Castaway Diva” will premiere at 9:20 PM on October 28th.

Source: Daum

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