BTS’s RM, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Kim Yuna And More Showed Off Unexpected Charm At The W KOREA Event

Celebrities Showcase Unprecedented Charms at the 18th W KOREA Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Event

The 18th W KOREA Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign event took place on November 24 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, attracting attention with a star-studded guest list that included prominent figures such as BTS’s RM, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Go Hyun-jung, and Kim Yuna.

RM Jennie Blackpink, Hyunjung Go Yuna Kim

Singer and actor Kim Doyeon showcased a reversal of charms in a black backless dress, capturing attention with a provocative rear view revealed as she turned, creating a flashbulb frenzy.

Actor Moon Ga-young delivered a surprise with a stark contrast between her exterior and interior, revealing a daring lingerie look beneath a black jacket, unveiling the true meaning of sexy sophistication.

The sexy queen we knew was nowhere to be found as Hwasa elevated cuteness with an updo, a pink two-piece outfit, and a giant ribbon. Opting for moderate pumps instead of her usual towering heels, she radiated an endearing girl-next-door vibe.

kim yuna

Former figure skater Kim Yuna, who recently bid farewell to her husband, Goh Yoon-gil, as he entered the military, took a unique approach to the customary expression “waiting for a man in rubber shoes” by confidently wearing high heels instead.


Group RIIZE recently transitioned from a 7-member to a 6-member lineup due to Seunghan’s hiatus. The event marked RIIZE’s official appearance as a 6-member group on the main stage, where they struck various poses, seamlessly filling the void left by their member.

From the charismatic dance of BTS’s RM and the queenly presence of Jennie to the unbeatable aura of Go Hyun-jung, the stars swapped their charisma momentarily for cuteness.

bts rm

BTS’s RM, gearing up for his military enlistment in December, attended the event, showcasing the adorable side of “Cute Namjoon” with his shortened hair, taking breaks during his entrance and generously offering V-signs and heart gestures during the photo time.

Even the top star who conquered Buckingham Palace felt the glare of the flash. As Jennie entered the event, she shielded her eyes from the burst of flashes with both hands, revealing a human side. Although poised atop precarious high heels, her cautious steps on the stage betrayed the illusion of ease.

Even the renowned “Mask Girl” Kim Momi seemed bashful in front of the cameras. Making a late entrance as the final act of the event, Go Hyun-jung smiled but appeared somewhat awkward, flipping her hair while making her way in as the cameras focused on her.

The proceeds from this event will be donated to free breast cancer screenings and financial support for surgery and treatment for low-income individuals.

Source: Daum

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