Representative female drinkers in the entertainment industry: From Shin Hye-sun to Soyou

Several female celebrities recently gained attention for their drinking abilities while participating in talk shows and other content

Notable female celebrity drinkers include actress Shin Hye-sun, singer Soyou, actress Kim Hee-sun, actress So Yi-hyun and actress Jeon So-min.

Shin Hye-sun humorously discussed her drinking capacity on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”. She mentioned drinking more than 20 bottles of soju with 2 other people on one occasion and playfully mimicked being drunk.

Shin Hye sun

When appearing on a YouTube channel, Soyou shared her love for alcohol and mentioned her tolerance, which is about 2 and a half bottles. She also revealed that during her peak at the age of 22, she tried up to 9 bottles.

Kim Hee-sun recalled a time when her drinking capacity was around “20 nips of somaek (soju + beer)” and how her managers were worried about it.

Through KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House” in July 2021, So Yi-hyun disclosed her peak drinking capacity, which was about 6~7 bottles.

Jeon So-min also revealed that in the past, she would drink from 6 PM to 5~6 AM the next day, consuming around 11~12 bottles.

Source: Daum

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