“Squid Game” O Yeong Su on sexual misconduct charges, to appear as a witness at the trial today (April 14th)

Actor O Yeong Su (78), who was handed over to trial on sexual misconduct charges, will appear as a witness at the trial on April 14th and testify about the damage at that time.

Judge Park Sang Han of the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court will hold the second trial of O Yeong Su’s sexual misconduct charges and conduct a private victim-witness examination.

The court made this decision in the first trial last February to protect the victim’s privacy.


O Yeong Su was accused of making inappropriate physical contact with victim A in 2017. A filed a complaint with the police in December 2021. The prosecution handed O Yeong Su over to trial without detention in November last year, believing he was guilty.

However, O Yeong Su denies the charges, saying, “It’s true that we held hands, but there was no sexual assault.”

O Yeong Su, who is widely known as “Kkanbu Grandpa” in Netflix’s drama “Squid Game”, became the first Korean actor to win “Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film” at the Golden Globe Awards in January last year.

Source: wikitree

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