BTS Appears in Michael Jackson Documentary “Thriller 40”

“Thriller 40”, a documentary about Micheal Jackson, is known to include BTS

On December 2 (local time), glimpses of the highly anticipated documentary “Thriller 40” about Micheal Jackson were revealed. 

“Thriller 40” was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson’s iconic album “Thriller”. As the documentary delves into the long-lasting influence of the King of Pop, a significant segment highlights his impact on contemporary artists like BTS and the K-pop genre. In particular, the documentary emphasizes how Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking dance style and unique staging artistry intricately wove into the foundation of K-pop performances.

Meanwhile, as one of the most popular and influential groups in South Korea and recognized globally for their energetic dance moves and refined image, BTS is a prime example of Jackson’s enduring legacy in both music and modern dance.

As a result, BTS’s “Dynamite” MV is included in “Thriller 40”, showing a side-by-side comparison between Micheal Jackson’s choreography with that of BTS.

“Every move they do is all Michael Jackson” – a segment of the documentary states, emphasizing the profound inspiration that K-pop superstars draw from the works of the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson’s influence extends not only to BTS but also permeates the entire K-pop industry, with stylistic aspects evident in stage costumes, music videos, and overall performance art throughout the K-pop industry.

As a result, “Thriller 40” documentary invites viewers to closely observe these parallels, suggesting that a closer examination of BTS’s performances reveals a rich tapestry of Michael Jackson’s influence on the group – from dance moves to their stage presence.

In fact, Michael Jackson’s style and dance moves have not only had a significant impact on K-pop stars but have also been a profound source of inspiration for global icons such as Chris Brown, Usher, Bruno Mars, and others.

Source: Hindustantimes, X, K14

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