BTS’s Jin Garners Attention with More Bulked-Up Physique During Military Service

While serving in the military, BTS’s Jin reached his highest weight ever of 66kg and his improved physique has caught attention.

Amid his military service, BTS’s Jin was captured at a concert with Suga, drawing focus to his more robust physique. Fans are praising Jin’s current improved physique.

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On August 6th, BTS’s Suga held his world tour encore concert at KSPO DOME in Seoul. BTS members RM, Jin, and J-Hope appeared and cheered for Suga from the audience seats.

What especially garnered attention was Jin in a Louis Vuitton white t-shirt as he displayed a perfect inverted triangle body shape.

Even before enlisting, Jin was known for his wide shoulders, but after enlisting, he showed off a more bulked-up physique, making fans’ hearts flutter.

On his way to Washington last year, Jin also wore the same t-shirt, making the before-and-after difference even more obvious.

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In fact, Jin reached his highest weight ever after enlisting.

In March, BTS Jimin appeared on Suga’s “Suchwita” and revealed, “Jin’s weight is now 66kg.” Jimin said, “Jin has never gone beyond 63kg,” and Suga expressed happiness, “He’s becoming healthier.”

Jin enlisted in December of last year and is currently serving as an instructor at the 5th Division Army Training Center.

Source: insight

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