Here are the 7 most handsome Kpop female idols in the eyes of Korean netizens: ITZY and IVE both have representatives, Winter (aespa) still has mixed opinions

Korean netizens commented that if they meet these female Kpop idols in real life, they will definitely call them oppa.

While many female Kpop idols have sweet and lovely visuals that captivate fans, there are others who conquer fans with their cool ‘handsome’ looks. For Knet, there aren’t too many “oppa-worthy” female idols, because not only do they have a girlcrush vibe, but they also have facial features that give off a handsome feeling. Let’s take a look at the 7 most typical faces for this visual type.

Some comments of Knet:

  • Ryujin makes my heart flutter!
  • SeolA is really the top!!
  • Ahn Yujin!!! She’s really handsome!! SHe really gives off the same vibe as guys, right? She’s tall, strong, and athletic. That’s her natural aura!
  • I clicked on the article because I thought of Ryujin and Jiho, but ended up falling for Ahn Yujin. Look how handsome she really is!
  • Ryujin is the type of idol that everyone loves.
  • Yoon and Yujin are amazing!!
  • I think of Jeongyeon, I like her!
  • Really Ahn Yujin ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She looked softer before but now she has a cool aura… She’s making fangirls’ hearts flutter!!
  • I read the article because I thought of Ryujin and Jeongyeon, but I suddenly realized that Winter is also very attractive.
  • But Winter is a little different from the rest. She’s more of a cute girl.
  • Ryujin, SeolA, Jiho, Ahn Yujin… They’re all so cool… And Winter is more of a cute visual type than a handsome one.
  • I agree with all but Winter. Personally, I find her more cute than cool.

And for you, which Kpop female idols do you think have a ‘handsome’ visual that makes you just want to call them oppa? Share with us your opinion.

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