Fans protest against the relationship between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In confirmed their relationship last week, and it seems not everyone is sending their blessings to the couple.

On May 28, a van with fan-sponsored LED signs drove around Seoul, carrying messages opposing the rumored marriage between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In.  It is reported that Lee Seung Gi mortgaged a loan of 6.6 billion won to buy a new house in Seongbuk, Seoul.  This sparked speculation that the “national son-in-law” was preparing to marry his girlfriend.

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The banner is as follows: “If you don’t know, it’s okay to know now.  They (referring to Lee Da In’s family) have created too many victims.  Are you going to give up on the 17-year career tower you’ve been building?  You need to decide quickly.  We have protected you for 17 years.  Now is the time for Lee Seung Gi to protect Airen (Lee SeungGi’s fandom name).”

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Accordingly, Lee Da In was not supported by the actor’s fans because the actress’ family had been involved in a serious fraud and stock manipulation scandal.

In 2009, the investigative agency investigated the case that Lee Da In’s mother, Mrs. Kyeon Mi Ri, engaged in stock manipulation and her husband, director Lee Hong Heon, engaged in insider trading.  At that time, the veteran actress bought 55,000 shares for 900 million won of a bioengineering startup.  After that, Kyeon Mi Ri earned 4.59 billion won. 

When being investigated for stock manipulation, Lee Da In’s mother apologized and gave up her role as an image representative for a shopping site.  However, she consistently denied the question, asserting that she was just a profitable investor.  Even so, netizens still criticized Kyeon Mi Ri for being greedy and cheating.

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It is worth mentioning that in 2018, Mr. Le Hong Heon was also arrested and fined 2.5 billion won for the same behavior.  Mr. Lee used his wife’s name to recruit investors, inflated and manipulated the stock price of a company to profit more than 1.5 billion won. 

It is known that Kyeon Mi Ri was previously married to actor Im Young Gyu.  The couple has two daughters, actors Lee Yoo Bi and Lee Da In.  In 1993, they filed for divorce.  Kyun Mi Ri then remarried Mr. Lee Hong Heon in 1998 and had another son.  The two daughters also follow their stepfather’s last name.

Notably, in addition to his stepfather, Mr. Lee, Lee Da In’s biological father, actor Im Young Gyu, is also involved in a private life scandal.  In 2015, Im Young Gyu was arrested for obstructing business and received a 2-year suspended prison sentence.  The reason was that he was drunk and caused a riot at a bar in Gangnam, fighting with other guests.  Previously, Mr. Im was also fined for being drunk and not paying for a taxi.

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With such a family background, Lee Da In suffers from a hostile look from netizens.  They criticized the actress for enjoying a luxurious life on money that her parents scammed from others.  Many opinions believe that Lee Da In is not suitable for Lee Seung Gi, who has a clean private life in Korean showbiz.

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