BTS V, the “Record Maker” and the first Korean celebrity to receive 9 million ‘likes’ on Instagram

BTS V has shown his great influence by having his post surpassed 9 million likes on Instagram, becoming the first Korean star to achieve this record.


It was V‘s personal teaser of ‘Butter Concept Photo Version 1″ posted on BTS‘s official Instagram on June 28. According to the figure recorded recently, the post has gained more than 9 million “likes”.

The post included 2 photos of V in his mullet hairstyle, a black leather jacket, and denim pants. He stared at the camera with dreamy eyes, giving chic, intense, and rebellious feelings. His sexiness was exposed with mysterious charisma, receiving explosive responses from the netizens.

On BTS’s official Instagram, a total of 14 photos of V have been uploaded, which accumulated more than 5 million ‘likes’ for each post. Apart from the 9-million-like photo, 2 pictures have exceeded 8 million “likes”, and 7 photos recorded 6 million “likes”.


V is the first Korean male artist to break the record of 4 million, 5 million, 6 million, 7 million, and 8 million “likes”. Following the trend, the 9-million-like ‘Butter Concept Photo Version 1’ made V the first Korean celebrity to earn this achievement.


V’s series of records on SNS started with the post, which exceeded 1 million like on BTS’s Twitter in 2017. Following that, V continued to achieved 3 million ‘likes’ on Instagram and 1 million’ likes’ on Facebook.


What’s more surprising is that almost every Korean celebrity has a personal account with huge followers. Meanwhile, V broke the record without having a personal account. It was actually a post on BTS’s official Instagram.

Despite having no personal account, V manifested his popularity among BTS members by having the largest number of followers on his fan pages.

Whenever V’s photo was released, his fashion items, such as clothes and accessories, immediately sold out, proving V’s brand name as a strong influencer.

With the records set by V on BTS’s official SNS, netizens called him “RECORD MAKER V”.

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