BTS Suga responded intensely to comments criticizing BTS’s appearance at the UN General Assembly

BTS Suga “gave a sharp look” to those who questioned BTS’s attending the UN General Assembly.

On September 22, together with BTS members, Suga went on Naver VLIVE to communicate with fans. He mentioned BTS’s appearance at the UN General Assembly and said, “Many people asked us like this, ‘You’re singers, what the hell are you doing there?'”.

In response to the criticisms, he explained, “We’re here to promote the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). We don’t have to wear colored glasses (to look like singers) here.”

He continued, “We actually knew everything about our role when we appeared at the UN. We were speakers. The number of people watching the UN General Assembly and even the interviews are often limited. In fact, we heard many people say the views did increase because of our attendance.”

BTS members also said, “If many people watched it, I think we’ve done our mission well.”

BTS Suga responded intensely to comments criticizing BTS's appearance at the UN General Assembly

Earlier, on September 20, BTS spoke on behalf of young people and future generations at the opening ceremony of “SDG Moment”, a special event at the UN General Assembly in New York.

According to foreign media, more than 1 million people watched the event live through the official Youtube account of the UN. On the morning of September 24, the performance video of “Permission To Dance” filmed at the UN headquarter recorded 16.7 million views on the UN’s official Youtube channel. Meanwhile, the extended performance video posted on BTS‘s official channel also exceeded 6.39 million views.

Meanwhile, a senior presidential secretary for public communication also appeared on a radio broadcast and expressed his position regarding BTS‘s attendance at the UN General Assembly. Regarding some criticisms saying the President took advantage of BTS‘s popularity, the secretary revealed that the UN invited BTS and President Moon separately.

Sources: daum

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