BTS RM suddenly revealed ID photo “Did he imply ‘MMA physical examination’?”

As four more BTS members announce their military enlistment, the current situation of leader RM is gaining attention

On Nov 29th, RM shared several photos along with the caption, “Let’s smile a lot.”

In the pictures, RM was seen enjoying his leisure time by visiting an art museum. In this post, RM added a photo of his resident registration card from the time when he had long hair, arousing curiosity.

According to Star News’ exclusive coverage on Nov 29th, RM will start his military service by enlisting in a training center located in the rear area with V on Dec 11th. Through his post, RM hinted that he underwent a Military Manpower Administration (MMA) physical examination as part of the enlistment process, which is typically required for those who receive their enlistment notices from 14 days to 3 days before their enlistment date.

RM previously revealed his transformation with short-cropped hair in August, stating that it was due to the heat and not necessarily indicating an imminent military enlistment. However, 3 months later, RM is proceeding with the enlistment process.

Following RM and V’s enlistment, Jimin and Jungkook will enter the military together on Dec 12th, going through the same training center. Jin was the first among the BTS members to begin his military service in December last year, followed by J-Hope and Suga last April and September, respectively.

Source: Daum

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