“What’s that on her face”, an entertainer drew unexpected attention due to “this”

Hong Young-ki, a former ulzzang who appeared on TV again after a long hiatus, drew attention because of the tape on her face. 

Hong Young-ki Video Star

Hong Young-ki appeared in MBC Everyone’s “Video Star,” which aired on Dec 28th.

The tape on Hong Young-ki‘s face was very eye-catching, which led to Park Na-rae asking, “What’s that on Young-ki’s face? Is it a trend these days?”

Hong Young-ki Video Star

In response, Hong Young-ki said, “I underwent laser treatment. After hearing the news of my appearance on “Video Star,” I did some freckles treatment because I wanted to look pretty. I didn’t know I would stick it on this long (because it still hasn’t recovered yet).”

In the broadcast that day, Hong Young-ki recalled the days when she was famous for her good looks. Hong Young-ki said, “There was no contest or audition. Someone posted my mini homepage address saying that I’m a stylish non-famous. I lived with my grandmother and used her clothes to style mine. After that, my photos were posted on famous communities. And then they started to call me an ulzzang (someone who is famous on the internet for their face).”

Hong Young-ki SNS

Fans who saw the photo Hong Young-ki posted on her SNS earlier also expressed their curiosity, saying, “Why did you put on the regenerate tape?” “Did you have laser treatment?”

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