BTS Jungkook flaunts irresistible charm that one can’t escape

Jungkook, a member of boy group BTS, has revealed his irresistible charm with his new pictorials. 

Recently, ELLE Thailand – Singapore and Harpers Bazaar Singapore have revealed new pictorial photos of Jungkook, the global model and ambassador of American fashion brand Calvin Klein, through their official SNS accounts, drawing attention.


In the released pictorial photos, Jungkook showed off his charm by wearing a T-shirt over jeans and posing with a sexy gaze and fatal pose while boasting tousled long hair.

Jungkook also captivated viewers by revealing his clear abs, which were hard-earned through exercising, as well as his underwear through the slightly lifted T-shirt, exuding a chic sexiness.

In another pictorial, Jungkook displayed a captivating mood that seemed to instantly enchant the viewers by reaching out his hand towards the front with an innocent, boyish gaze.

Despite the black-and-white filter, Jungkook boasted a refreshing, cool, and hip youthful aura, proudly displaying his status as an “icon of youth”.


Upon seeing the pictorials, global fans responded enthusiastically and left comments such as, “The sexy youth icon of this era, Jungkook”, “I keep looking at Calvin Jungkook”, “Tthe irresistible charm is infinite”, “Sexy man and youthful comic boyish beauty coexist… I’m unable to escape” “,Jungkook and Calvin collaborated to create art”, “He’s covered, but the sexiest in the world”, and “Every new photo is legendary, making me fall in love again.”

Meanwhile, since Jungkook was announced as Calvin Klein’s ambassador on March 28th, items worn by the male idol in pictorials have sold out in less than a day on official websites worldwide, including South Korea, proving the impact and influence of the “Jungkook Effect”.

Source: Nate

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