BTS Jungkook and Usher’s Heartwarming Chemistry Shines in Collab Performance

Recently, on BTS’s official YouTube channel ‘Bangtan TV,’ a sketch video of Jungkook’s official performance video of ‘Standing Next to You-Usher Remix,’ a collaboration with Usher, was released.

In this video, Jungkook gifted his first solo album to Usher. He earnestly wrote a message, “Thanks for Joining me bro,” on the album.

Upon receiving the gift, Usher expressed his gratitude with a bright smile, “Thank you very much. Thank you, bro.”

jungkook usher

The two showcased exceptional chemistry even during the preparation for the performance of ‘Standing Next to You.’ Additionally, Jungkook and Usher attracted attention by participating in a dance challenge to Usher’s hit song ‘Yeah!’

Jungkook said, “He was one of the artists I enjoyed studying and learning from when I was a trainee, so it was an honor to work together. The vibe that came out from the practice was definitely the best.”

He continued, “He’s such a cool brother, and I admire him for his fantastic performance. It was a very enjoyable experience.”

At the end of the video, Jungkook said, “This is officially the last schedule. It was great to have many experiences and learn a lot. (I’ll work hard to discharge quickly) I’ll come back after honing my skills and growing more to show you a cool side of me.”

Lastly, he said, “ARMYs might feel a bit empty watching this video. Thank you for waiting. I’ll come back so that you can cheer for me again. Thank you so much for being with me, supporting me, and always waiting. I’ll finish well and come back.”

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