TRI.BE’s Comeback Activity No Longer Canceled in Tribute to Late Producer

Previously, it was announced that TRI.BE’s comeback promotion will be postponed due to Shinsadong Tiger’s passing. 

At late night on February 23, TR Entertainment issued an official statement regarding the late producer Shinsadong Tiger, who passed away on the same day. 

The late producer’s funeral will be held privately, according to the agency. 

In addition, TR also mentioned TRI.BE, whose latest album is produced by Shinsadong Tiger. In particular, the girl group is to resume promotional activities for the album in tribute of the late producer. 

“We will do our best to make the last album of Shinsadong Tiger, who has always shown as close affection, shine brilliantly, so please give us encouragement and support”, the agency also said, adding, “We will also do our best to help TRI.BE members recover mentally as soon as possible while working together”. 

Previously, after Shinsadong Tiger’s passing, it was announced that TRI.BE will halt all their comeback schedules. In the end, only the mini-fanmeeting on February 24 would be canceled, while other activities will resume as normal.

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