BTS Jimin attended an event in the USA but was not welcomed by any fans, the fact behind is?

A video capturing images of Jimin (BTS) at an event has caused a stir

Recently, a video related to Jimin suddenly became a hot topic on social media forums, widely shared by netizens. This video was recorded a few months ago during one of the BTS member’s appearances at an extravagant jewelry event in New York, USA. However, it wasn’t until September 2nd that the clip garnered attention and received special interest from the public. In the video, Jimin stepped out from a large store and appeared extremely surprised and puzzled as there were no fans welcoming him outside.

The male singer seemed perplexed and bewildered when he didn’t see any fans outside the store.

However, that day’s event was by no means devoid of BTS fans. On the contrary, a large number of fans came to support Jimin, hoping to meet the male idol “in person.” Unfortunately, the singer born in 1995 went to the wrong entrance, which prevented him from meeting and interacting with fans before getting in the vehicle back to the hotel where he was staying.

bts jimin

In a recent livestream, Jimin personally mentioned the mix-up on that day and expressed regret for not being able to greet the fans: “Actually, there were a lot of fans who came to greet me at the event in the USA. But it’s a pity because I couldn’t meet and greet them. I have a small secret that I want to share with everyone. I remember that day; our manager and I had prepared everything meticulously, and planned to greet and interact with the crowd of fans outside before getting in the car and leaving. But when I stepped out, I didn’t see any fans. And I suddenly realized that I had gone to the wrong door. It’s a memorable moment for me.”

bts jimin
In reality, Jimin attracted a considerable number of fans who came to support him at the event in the USA.
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