BTOB Lee Changsub to reenlist in the military, 3 years after discharge?

Lee Changsub of BTOB found himself in a crisis of “reenlistment” because of his commitment to a YouTube filming.

On May 1st, a notice announcing Lee Changsub’s “reenlistment” was published on the community of YouTube channel “ootb STUDIO”.


The ootb STUDIO side said, “Thanks to you all, Lee Changsub got on a happy enlistment train as a transfer student,” and “Under the warm sunlight… a military episode for aspiring soldiers coming soon.”

They also added, “Lee Changsub, we’ll reserve the train ticket for you as we’re excited.”

Attached with the post was a “Re-service Application Form”, which drew attention for including not only a photo of Lee Changsub during his military service, but also the re-service date and reasons.


Currently, Lee Changsub is showcasing his overflowing entertainment skills through ootb STUDIO’s popular web variety show “Changing Majors”. 

“Changing Majors” is a real variety show, where Lee Changsub transfers to departments of universities across the country and experiences activities unique to each school and department. Here, with his unique witty remarks and strong sociability, Lee Changsub delivers the best fun in each episode.

Previously, the production team mentioned their promise for the 500,000 subscribers milestone, saying, “Our views are okay now, but we haven’t gained many subscribers yet.”


At the time, the production team requested Lee Changsub to reenlist, saying, “The university we least want to go back to among universities. The military. Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University, and the military.”

Lee Changsub initially said, “Let’s go for 5 million (subscribers),” but later grumbled and laughed, saying, “Why do I have to reenlist because of this?”


Meanwhile, Lee Changsub enlisted in the army as an active-duty soldier in 2019 and was discharged in August 2020. He is now preparing for “reenlistment”, seeing that as of May 2nd, ootb STUDIO has 505,000 subscribers.

Source: Insight

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