Son Seok-koo revealed a amazing photo taken at a “surprise” celebrity marriage

A photo published by actor Son Seok-koo is drawing attention.

On August 28th, Son Seok-koo tagged fellow actors Park Geun-rok and Park Jin-ah on Instagram and said, “Congratulations on your marriage. I love you. We should see each other more often in the future.”

Attached with Son Seok-koo’s post was a group photo taken in private, which features several cast members from the tvN K-drama “Designated Survivor: 60 Days”.

The photo shows actors Lee Joon-hyuk, Kang Han-na, Lee Moo-saeng, Choi Yoon-young, Lee Ha-yul, and Oh Hye-won gathering in a space to have a good time.They made a heart-warming pose surrounding actor couple Park Geun-rok and Park Jin-ah, who announced their marriage.

park geun rok

Park Geun-rok, who made his name and face known by appearing in “Designated Survivor: 60 Days”, built his career by playing supporting and minor roles in movies “Crazy Romance”, “Parasite” and “Okja”. Park Jin-ah made her face known in earnest by taking on the role of a gifted school teacher in JTBC’s “Green Mothers’ Club”, which recently ended. She appeared as a supporting actress in major works such as “On the Line”, “Extreme Job” and “Salut d’Amour”. Park Geun-rok and Park Jin-ah also appeared together in the movie “Unframed-Rerun” directed by Son Seok-koo.

park jin ah

Park Geun-rok and Park Jin-ah have not yet revealed in detail about their marriage.

Source: wikitree

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