Bang Min-ah Boasts About Chanel Earrings Gift From Uhm Jung-hwa, “I Learnt More About Her Deep Personality”

Singer-actress Bang Min-ah and many celebrities congratulated Uhm Jung-hwa on her new movie release

On October 11th, a video titled “Shall We Go to the Premiere Event Together? | Miss Fortune” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Umaizing Uhm Jung-hwa TV”. The released video shows Uhm Jung-hwa attending the Premiere event for the movie “Miss Fortune”.

Ahead of “Miss Fortune” VIP Premiere, Uhm Jung-hwa couldn’t hide her nervousness, saying “I feel like my guests are waiting in the wedding hall”. Later, many of her acquaintances, including “Doctor Cha” actors Kim Byung-chul, Myung Se-bin & Song Ji-ho, Jung Jae-hyung, So Yoo-jin, Kim Wan-sun, Hyuna, Hwangbo, ChoA, Choi Jun-hee, etc., came to celebrate the film release.

Appearing at the VIP Premiere, Hwasa said, “Senior! Hurray for the movie ‘Miss Fortune’. I respect how hard you work and look up to you as your junior! Fighting”. Kim Wan-sun also delivered her congratulations, saying “You were so busy, but you worked hard to make a great movie. I hope it will be a hit after today’s premiere”.

In particular, Song Sae-byeok, who starred in “Miss Fortune” together with Uhm Jung-hwa, shared, “You were always the mood maker for everyone while we were filming. You’re brilliant! You took care of all the staff, didn’t you? Please come and visit Jeju Island when you have time!”.

Bang Min-ah also expressed her extraordinary affection for Uhm Jung-hwa. Bragging about the luxury CHANEL earrings gift she received from Uhm Jung-hwa, Bang Min-ah said, “Jung-hwa unnie is my senior in the industry, so I have always respected her. I had the chance to learn more about how deep her personality is after working on the movie together. I will keep supporting your bright future! I love you so so much”.

Meanwhile, “Miss Fortune”, starring Uhm Jung-hwa, premiered on the 11th and is currently available in all cinemas.

Source: Daum

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