Celebrities who coincidentally share the same name 

BTS Jin recently appeared on SBS’ “Running Man”, where he met his “name twin”. The male idol is not the first person to share a name with a fellow celebrity.  

On the November 6th episode of the SBS variety show “Running Man”, a “Seok Jin vs Seok Jin race” was held, seeing that both BTS Jin (real name Kim Seok Jin), and “Running Man” member Ji Seok Jin were present. Here, the “name twins” invoked pleasant laughter to viewers by showing slapstick comedy and via “knowledge confrontation”. 

Besides Jin, there are many people who have the same name in the entertainment industry. In some cases, they work in different industries, while in other cases the gender may be different. 

There are also big and small incidents that may occur because of having the same name. For example, when there is a trending real-time search term or issue, attention will be focused on another star that shares the same name, while misunderstandings may arise. Below are several stars with the same name but with different appearances. 

BTS Jin vs Entertainer Ji Seok Jin (Ji Suk Jin)

Jin‘s real name is Kim Seok Jin, the same name as the broadcaster Ji Seok Jin. The two revealed that they had met in private, and appeared on “Running Man” together, making for an interesting appearance. 

BTS Jimin vs AOA Jimin

BTS Jimin and AOA Jimin are different genders, but they have the same name. BTS Jimin’s real name is Park Jimin, while AOA Jimin’s real name is Shin Jimin. The two are both active in their respective career.

Red Velvet Irene vs Model Irene

Girl group Red Velvet’s Irene and model Irene are promoting under the same name. Red Velvet Irene’s real name is Bae Joo Hyun, and model Irene’s real name is Kim Hye Jin. The two are both active under their English name, “Irene”. 


Kim Soo Hyun vs Kim Soo Hyun

Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun and Hollywood star Kim Soo Hyun, are both actors who are working under the same name. Although the genders are different, one is a Hallyu star and the other is active in Hollywood, raising the status of Korea.Hy

Kim Soo-hyun

Model Han Hye Jin vs actress Han Hye Jin

Model Han Hye Jin, who is active in various entertainment shows beyond the model world, and actress Han Hye Jin, wife of soccer player Ki Sung Yong, are also using the same name. Her model Han Hye Jin has been unrivaled in her recent soccer entertainment, while actress Han Hye Jin has been showing off her work while maintaining her beauty after her 2013 marriage.

Han Hye-jin

GOT7 Mark and NCT Mark

GOT7 Mark and NCT Mark promote under the same name. GOT7 Mark is a Taiwanese-American whose real name is Mark Yien Tuan. NCT Mark is a Canadian citizen and his real name is Mark Lee. Both assume the role of the main rapper in the team and are gaining popularity for their unique atmosphere and charisma.

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