Kwon Eunbi remembered the fan who got a scar from a serious injury and handed over “ointment” the next day

While singer Kwon Eunbi is in her heyday as she became “Waterbomb Goddess”, a heartwarming story was delivered.

On August 13th, a post titled “Wow, Kwon Eunbi’s unprecedented impressive story” was uploaded on an online community. The post contains the story of a fan who received ointment directly from Kwon Eunbi.

kwon eunbi
kwon eunbi

The poster A said, “A fan Kwon Eunbi often meets told Kwon Eunbi that he/she had a scar at a fan signing event.

Did it bother her that the fan who likes her is sick? Kwon Eunbi prepared ointment as if she expected that the fan who said he/she had a scar would show up in front of her the next day as well.

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Then she left the bodyguard behind and handed ointment directly to the fan.

Kwon Eunbi’s story quickly spread on various online communities, SNS and received hot responses.

The fan who received ointment also expressed gratitude through SNS, “The woman who says I need to take good care of my scar after seeing that I got a surgery and gives me ointment. Kwon Eunbi, you’re my Fucidin, Madecassol, Dermatix Ultra Gel.

This is not the only impressive story of Kwon Eunbi.

kwon eunbi

Kwon Eunbi once gave fans who came to see her at the “2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships” a “grant”.

She is known to have ordered lunch boxes herself in consideration of the inconvenience of fans having to travel long distances in the heat wave. Even though her agency already provided lunch boxes, Kwon Eunbi’s meticulousness in trying to take care of fans was outstanding.

At that time, her agency explained, “Apart from what the company prepared separately, the rest was ordered at Kwon Eunbi’s own expense and provided to fans.

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